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An all-in-one tool built to manage the most critical phase of the customer journey.

Crush Every SaaS Implementation

From mid-market SaaS to at-scale unicorns, the industry’s fastest growing companies run with Baton.

What is Customer Onboarding and Implementation Software?

Baton is a new class of software that allows teams to automate project administration, keep clients engaged and accountable, and accelerate a repeatable implementation process.

Unmatched Project Visibility for Clients and Teams
Efficient and Scalable Project Workflows and Templates
Centralized Data and Unique Business Insights
Automated Communication and Proactive Alerts

Not Just Software, A Scalable Process

The Baton Method is a new approach to project delivery built on software that scales.


Templatize your process and deliver a consistent experience to every customer you onboard.


Automate project administration and improve your process in real time with actionable project insights.


Keep up with business growth and get more customers live, faster, without adding headcount.

Standardize Onboarding Workflows

To become an industry leader, your entire team has to work from the same playbook. With Baton, ready-made templates ensure a consistent experience across every project.

Executives, contributors, and clients unlock real-time visibility and are held accountable to project timelines.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

The key to keeping the customers you win is getting them to value quickly. Real-time reporting down to the task level helps you make improvements daily.

Project automation from creation to completion frees your team up to focus on driving solutions efficiently.

Do This At Scale

Spreadsheets, general project management tools, and legacy PSAs lead to the same problem at different stages. Data is siloed and you're stuck updating and managing multiple tools.

Baton brings project, resource, and customer management into a single tool built for scaling organizations.

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Implementation is your first impression. We help you make it a great one.

Our Guide to a Smoother Client Onboarding Process

Implemen­tation is your first impression. Let us help you make it a great one.

🚀 We’re thrilled to announce that Baton has joined forces with ClientSuccess!