A Purpose-Built Implementation Solution, Beyond 'One-Size-Fits-All' Professional Services Automation Software

Does Your Implementation Team Hate Using PSA Tools?

Baton Helps Teams Establish Quality Implementation Processes To Improve
Collaboration, Customer Satisfaction, and Time-to-Value


Detailed workflows and timelines ensure the scope, requirements, and phases of each project are clearly defined and outlined for all key parties.


In-depth project insights and audit trails allow teams to track trends, prevent delays, and proactively identify and resolve existing and potential risks and breakdowns.


Centralized resource management empowers leaders to assess all individual and team workloads and trends to improve resource allocation and scalability.

The Benefits of Running With Baton

From mid-market SaaS to at-scale enterprise vendors, Baton helps leading implementation teams
revolutionize their implementation process - outperforming traditional PSA tools

Key Components of Software Implementation Success

Establish Standardized Processes

Enhance time-to-value by establishing standardized processes with reusable project templates that guarantee quality and success. Unlike generalized PSA tools, a purpose-built implementation tool helps ensure a swift and successful launch for every project and client.

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Streamline Collaboration

Adopting a centralized platform that offers real-time visibility across teams and organizations will help you avoid roadblocks and improve alignment and accountability for all project stakeholders. Ditch the generalized platform to improve handoffs and ensure every project successfully crosses the finish line.

Seamless Document and Asset Collection

Enhance the efficiency of the entire implementation and project discovery process by streamlining data collection. Forms, an integral native-built feature within Baton, empowers teams to easily collect documents, asset requirements, administrative details, and client feedback.

Automated Alerts and Approvals

Keep everyone on track and improve accountability across all parties by streamlining status updates. Automated alerts and responses eliminate endless back and forth and inbox clutter, ensuring tasks and reminders don't slip through the cracks.

Unprecedented Project Data

Avoid data silos by establishing a centralized system of record that is easily accessible for all key stakeholders. Leverage project findings, baselines, and audit trails to make better, data-driven business decisions.

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Purpose-Built Implementation Software vs PSA Tools

Efficient software implementation and seamless customer onboarding are critical for success. As organizations strive to deliver top-notch customer experiences, the choice between purpose-built implementation management solutions and PSA software becomes pivotal. In this guide, we explore the compelling reasons why purpose-built solutions outshine generalized PSA tools during implementation.

Elevate Your Implementation Experience Beyond PSA Tools

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