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Purpose-Built To Standardize and Accelerate Your Software Implementation Process

A Best-In-Class SaaS Implementation Experience

Establish a Quality Implementation Process To Improve Efficiency, Collaboration, and Customer Satisfaction


Cut project creation, updates, and communication down to a single click. With Baton, teams spend near-zero time on project administration.


Project, team, and client data flow through Baton in real time. Empower your team to make process improvements in days not weeks.


Centralized resource management empowers leaders to assess workloads, identify bottlenecks, and allocate resources effectively.

The Benefits of Running With Baton

From mid-market SaaS to at-scale enterprise vendors, leading implementation teams see results like these.

2x Faster Implementations

Increase Capacity By 5x

Unlock A New Revenue Stream

Key Components of Software Implementation Success

Efficient and Repeatable Processes

Accelerate time-to-value by creating standardized project templates that ensure quality and success. Ensure every project and client gets out of the starting blocks.

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Real-Time Collaboration and Visibility

Avoid roadblocks and improve client engagement by seamlessly connecting all stakeholders in one workspace. Improve handoffs throughout the customer journey and ensure a consistent quality across every software implementation project.

Centralized Project Data

Eliminate data silos by establishing a centralized system of record that is easily accessible for all key stakeholders. Leverage project findings, baselines, and audit trails to make better, data-driven business decisions.

Seamless Document and Asset Collection

Enhance the efficiency of the entire implementation and project discovery process by streamlining data collection. Forms, an integral native-built feature within Baton, empowers teams to easily collect documents, asset requirements, administrative details, and client feedback.

Automated Alerts and Approvals

Keep everyone on track and improve accountability across all parties by streamlining status updates. Automated alerts and responses eliminate endless back and forth and inbox clutter, ensuring tasks and reminders don't slip through the cracks.

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What is Software Implementation?

Take a deep dive into the key components of a SaaS implementation plan, how purpose-built technology can be utilized to streamline the implementation and onboarding process, and real-life examples of how the industry’s leading companies are creating positive and predictable implementation experiences. 

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