From project discovery to go-live, Baton consolidates your data and work into a single, seamless tool.

Accelerate Time-to-Value & Keep The Customers You Win

With a standardized process in Baton, teams cut average onboarding times in half.


Cut project creation, updates, and communication down to a single click. With Baton, teams spend near-zero time on project administration.


Native forms, a real-time client portal, and automated communications make it easier than ever to keep clients informed and accountable.


Project, team, and client data flow through Baton in real time. Empower your team to make process improvements in days not weeks.

The Benefits of Running With Baton

Industry-leading teams manage their client onboarding process in Baton and see results like these:

2x Faster Time-To-Value

5x Project Capacity

Improved Client Engagement

How To Build A Winning Client Onboarding Process

Dynamic Project Templates

Project templates cut down on the time it takes to kick a client off. They also ensure your entire team is working from the same playbook. In Baton, template selection automates the entire process.

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Collaborate In Real Time

Engaged and accountable teams decrease onboarding times and get clients to value fast. Real-time visibility is the foundation every positive client onboarding project is built on. Baton acts as your single-source of truth.

Seamless Document and Asset Collection

Enhance the efficiency of the entire implementation and project discovery process by streamlining data collection. Forms, an integral native-built feature within Baton, empowers teams to easily collect documents, asset requirements, administrative details, and client feedback.

Gather Actionable Insights

Client, project, and resource data all live in Baton. With automated and actionable reporting, you can make daily improvements to your process and be able to accurately forecast your team's capacity.

Automate Communication and Approvals

How many tools do you need to collect vital client data and feedback? With fully customizable & automated emails, and in-project surveys, enhanced client engagement is accomplished in a single tool.

industry-leading implementation teams run on baton

What is Client Onboarding Software?

Take a deep dive into the key benefits of adopting client onboarding software. For teams running multiple projects at once that involve a heavy dose of client engagement, legacy tools like spreadsheets and email won’t cut it. In this guide, we take you through client onboarding best practices and help you answer whether client onboarding software is right for your team. 

Baton At A Glance

No. Client onboarding is collaborative by nature. It is our mission to keep your entire project team informed which is why we offer unlimited clients seats. Baton is built to scale with you.

Generalized project management tools are made just for that–project management. Baton adds collaborative tools, automated communication, in-depth reporting, and resource management so you can manage the entire process in a single solution.

Baton customers are typically up and running in less than two weeks. All you have to do is send us an up-to-date template, and we’ll upload it for you. From there we take a consultative approach to tailoring your workspace.

Yes! We have two-way sync integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and almost every major CRM. Powerful integrations are a key to creating seamless handoffs–which is why we’ve invested heavily in them. See all of our integrations here.

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