For executives, contributors, and customers, Baton provides seamless workflows and unmatched visibility into your implementation process.

Implementation & Onboarding Solutions
for Every Team

No matter where you fall on the org chart, Baton offers unique capabilities to help teams streamline handoffs and improve collaboration.

Customer Success & Implementation

Standardized implementation processes and customizable project templates help ensure project quality and that tasks and timelines are achievable.
Rather than starting from scratch with each new customer, reusable project templates help save time and improve quality control. To ensure each customer’s unique needs are met, all templates are customizable and can be easily tailored.
Communication throughout each project should be simple and efficient. Centralized project plans, timelines, and reports allow your team and customers to remain up-to-date on the status of their project(s) and task(s) in real-time – eliminating the need for numerous calls, emails, and meetings just to get an update.
Established processes, project templates, and documented audit trails provide a valuable resource for new members joining your team.

Professional Services

Detailed workflows and timelines ensure the scope, requirements, and phases of each project are defined and outlined for all parties.

In-depth project insights and audit trails allow teams to track trends, prevent delays, and proactively identify and resolve existing and potential risks and communication problems.

Document attachements, activity logs, and real-time status updates allow Baton to act as your one-stop shop for all documention associated with your project(s).
Keep a pulse on all individual and team workloads and trends with centralized resource management data.

Sales & Revenue

Baton helps make every aspect of managing project work easier, starting with the ability to easily invite coworkers and clients to participate and engage with a project and view a detailed list of all assigned work by phase and milestone.
Highly adaptable, Baton projects often become the foundation of our customers’ onboarding plans and success. Your clients expect a roadmap, and showing up on day one with a rock-solid plan will help ensure your project’s cross the finish line and avoid churn.
Integrating Baton with the tools your team utilizes daily (Salesforce included) helps eliminate manual tasks and improve align between Sales and Post-sales teams.
Establishing a positive customer experience as soon as a contract’s signed will help with future account growth and increase the liklihood of a new customer agreeing to act as a reference or complete a case study.

Your Customers

Who’s responsible for what during implementations shouldn’t be a guessing game. Centralized workflows and detailed task assignements improve collaboration across teams by ensuring all parties and individual contributors are notified of all task- and project-level assignments.
Baton’s Client View acts as a central information hub for your customers to see all their project’s high-level details and documents.
Built to boost client engagement with actionable, real-time project info, Baton provides an easily accessible and centralized space for your customers to engage your team, update status, and even create, edit and delete tasks.
Avoid buyer’s remorse, by getting your customers up and running sooner, speeding what we at Baton like to call ‘Time-to-Launch’ (TTL) – ultimately accelerating Time-to-Value (TTV).

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