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Cloud-based TMS LoadStop drives case speeds with Baton

February 3, 2023

Running implementations through Baton cuts LoadStop’s project times in half and enables seamless communication between teams & with clients

LoadStop is the AI-powered enterprise TMS (transportation management system) leading the digitization of the trucking industry and, eventually, the greater supply chain at large. 

The platform is the most advanced digital TMS in the freight industry today, helping carriers automate operational workflows, integrate and analyze data streams, and more. 

We sat down with Alexander Paris, Project Manager of Client Services Department for LoadStop TMS , to learn how Baton has helped systematize and enhance their customer experience from end to end.

“Baton has turned us into a well-oiled machine, able to get customers in and out without sacrificing any deep connections or attention to detail.”

Business Challenge: As a manager on the implementations team, Alex works with large-scale enterprise clients immediately post-sale. This entails a discovery call to understand the client’s internal structures and goals for partnering with LoadStop, plus the larger task of molding the LoadStop platform to the client’s workflow. Alex helps clients’ systems get fully integrated, while training and onboarding operators. The kicker is — he was essentially brand new to implementations, and they were operating with Totango, an overwhelming onboarding platform that distracted and confused his team more than anything. 

Alex and the LoadStop team began researching for alternatives but ultimately discovered Baton by chance through LinkedIn. He reached out to the Baton team, received a demo, and immediately realized he’d found the “perfect fit” of a platform: one that was simple and streamlined enough to complement a small, early-stage company, yet flexible and technically powerful enough to support LoadStop through the coming stages of growth and scale. 


  • LoadStop has, on average, cut down project durations from two months to four weeks, which Alex attributes to clean-cut task and file organization, live updates on timelines and checklists, and simplified client communications — all enabled by Baton.
  • Based on a data set of past implementations, Baton generates standardized timelines for the LoadStop team to execute — thus solving the team’s “biggest pain point”, which was simply deciding the next steps for a client among the countless products LoadStop integrates, ranging from QuickBooks to trailer trackers. 
  • By driving positive CX with features like Baton’s straightforward two-way data upload and sharing, the LoadStop implementations team has been able to ensure less than 1% of customer churn results from the user onboarding process


  • LoadStop’s implementation team can access active tickets in other departments and link them within Baton, enabling visibility of progress across teams and unblocking communications on ETAs. 
  • As more projects are run on Baton, the LoadStop team receives smart projected ETAs — something Alex calls instrumental for implementations newcomers, as they learn to distinguish what requires four weeks of onboarding for one type of customer versus three months for the next. 
  • LoadStop has seen dramatically improved quality of connection with users through Baton’s cloud-based data and file upload & viewing, which cuts down on the usual headaches of chasing down clients to fill out onboarding forms or searching email threads for the latest numbers. 
  • Baton’s open communication, in Alex’s words, was what made success with the platform possible, from personalized onboarding (despite LoadStop being Baton’s first client in the trucking industry) to delivering turnaround on feature updates within weeks as LoadStop scales. 

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