Digital trust pioneer Mati selects Baton for client-onboarding

March 31, 2021

Mati, a leading provider of identity and trust infrastructure services for any company transacting online, from banks to gig economy, cryptos to P2P payment gateways, has selected Baton’s implementation project management software to ensure best-in-class client onboarding experience for its clients.

Mati is creating a global trust score and taming digital identity helping B2B clients diversify their product offering, expand to new regions while eliminating fraud and staying compliant. Because Mati’s customers have a lot at stake, when they need to onboard their identity services, every implementation must run like Swiss clockwork; and all of the time.

Baton’s Customer Success Manager, Johnny Yu-Ta, describes initial conversations with the Mati Team, “We learned that a manual process for client onboarding wasn’t the right fit for their business.  They need to be buttoned up on implementations. 100%. Understandably, Mati was not comfortable onboarding new customers using outdated tools like email, spreadsheets  and occasional Slack messages. Mati was looking for a higher level of communication assurance that matched their culture of security-first.

Mati uses Baton to create and share project updates and to ensure that their clients have 24/7/365 access to one single source of project truth, with customized views for their clients. 

Baton CEO and co-founder, Alex Krug, hones in on the natural fit between Mati and Baton, “Mati rightfully ran out of patience with the status quo. They needed to solve the problem of time-sensitive project data being siloed and inaccessible; trapped in the laptops and cloud accounts of multiple project team members in different organizations. 

Mati uses Baton to centralize project-related data and to give their clients visibility into all aspects of their projects. This value is multiplied by many times because Mati can use Baton’s executive dashboard views to see their entire client base, and recognize where project bottlenecks and delivery shortcomings are occurring. 

Carlos Sepulveda, Solutions Engineer Manager at Mati, shared this regarding his Baton experience, “We love the simplicity and straightforwardness of everything. The two-way communication with clients is amazing. We really need stakeholders externally to be aware of what we’re doing and we need them to let us know what they’re doing on their end. We’re also going to be using the Baton Score to track client satisfaction and for continuous process improvement.”