What is Failure to Launch Churn?

September 10, 2022

One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Baton Method is that we know that those implementation projects that begin poorly also typically end poorly — leading to failure to launch churn.

When a “sold” software project is not implemented fully, or at all, it impacts all project participants, as follows:


The more complex the implementation, the more likely the impact of project failure extends across the enterprise and up to the customer’s senior management. It’s no secret that the level of API integration work required for a project is usually in direct correlation to the number of departments impacted when a project succeeds or fails. We’ll delve deeper into the customer’s journey in the weeks to come with increasing focus on the C-level Suite, because it is rare for important software project failures to go unnoticed.

Software Vendors

When a software vendor’s product sits at the heart of a failed implementation, that vendor carries a great deal of weight on its proverbial shoulders.  Finger pointing — especially at the customer — serves very little purpose once a project has been deemed dead in the water. The Baton Method is designed to assist software vendors in recognizing problems before the customer either kills the project or moves to another vendor.

Project Managers

The processes involved in managing complex software implementations are unique to both the software industry and the individual software provider. The Baton Method stresses use of process templates that are unique to the SaaS software industry while also providing guidelines for ISVs to introduce their own unique implementation playbooks. The objective of the Baton Method is to lower the likelihood of an implementation project ending unsuccessfully and for project managers to expand their visibility across company domains and see obstacles before they become unsolvable problems.

Third Party Professional Services

The Baton Method was also created with these important professionals in mind. Knowing that technical resources are in high demand, the more efficient software implementations can become, the more likely the implementation can be repeated profitably with each deployment going forward.

The Baton Method will help ensure your project completes on time, on budget and with as few missteps as possible. Here’s how:

  • Unique collaboration tools to work across business domains with customers, partners and other software vendors
  • Crystal-clear identification of tasks, task owners, due-dates and missed deadlines
  • Easy access to mission-critical documents and historical project events

Baton helps implementation and services team standardize, accelerate, and scale onboarding with purpose-built software. Better planning and visibility are key to avoid failure to launch churn. Read more about the Baton Method here.