Introducing the Baton Method

June 3, 2020

The Baton Method is a standardized way for all participating parties — in any given software implementation project — to address the numerous problems that can arise in today’s SaaS environments. 

We have entered into an era where the patience for stalled or failed software projects has worn woefully thin. There is a growing consensus that for far too long the expectations of enterprise software customers have gone unmet, and too often the promises made by normally reputable software vendors fall short in the final stages of software delivery.   

There are a myriad of reasons how and why software implementations fail, yet most fall into these categories:

  • Communication breakdown among project participants 
  • Projects are poorly defined or established from inception 
  • Task ownership, interdependencies and deadlines are unclear 
  • The wrong people are involved or required staff has not been included
  • Escalating frustrations prompt the customer to abandon the implementation.

The Baton Method is a guide designed to simplify and accelerate even the most complex software engagements.  It was created to share, discuss and evolve a standard methodology and set of best practices in a highly dynamic document designed to improve as we collectively alter the way software implementations are planned, communicated and executed.