Not All Software Vendors Are Created Equal

August 20, 2022

The Baton Method can be leveraged by a variety of industries, but it was created specifically for the ongoing implementation challenges that face many independent software vendors (ISVs).

More precisely, the Baton Method will have the greatest impact on ISVs who develop and market business-changing software that, when deployed thoughtfully and correctly, can significantly improve its customers’ ongoing operations and annual results. 

Frankly speaking, implementations of enterprise-wide importance, usually take in-depth planning and a great deal of dedicated technical and human resources; some of which is ultimately provided by third-party services companies. If you’ve ever taught someone how to drive a car with a manual transmission, you’ve likely heard the spine-twisting sounds of poorly shifted gears grinding. Well, the software implementation equivalent to such grinding noise is the conference call where unwelcome news isn’t just shared, but revealed to be either very old news or completely avoidable. The Baton Method was conceived for implementations of critically important software, where the sound of failure — of gears gnashing — translates to important business objectives being delayed, or worse, unmet. 

Said another way, the Baton Method is for the ISV who sells software that can make a real difference. And it is for the ISV who appreciates that its implementation is the first real test of its product. It’s designed for those ISVs who won’t risk having customers underestimate the power of their code due only to missed deadlines, unmade decisions and vast communication shortfalls. The Baton Method is not for all ISVs but it is for the ones that develop software that, when implemented well, solves considerable business problems.

If what’s standing between your software product and a genuinely satisfied customer is a complex implementation project, we urge you to learn more about the Baton Method and welcome you to become an active participant in the Baton Method community. Stay tuned for future Baton Method posts.