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Safety records leader Mark43 delivers with Baton

September 30, 2021

The SaaS world doesn’t get much more serious than the work done by Mark43. They ensure that critical public safety records are available and accessible to authorized government agencies.

For Mark43, the ability to deliver incident-based reporting validations to government agencies — optimized with intuitive search and streamlined workflows — requires a highly coordinated effort, where everyone on the project needs to be in lock step, every step of the way. 

Mark43’s customers have zero tolerance for error; and for good reason. Lives depend on their software working as promised. And for Mark43, their customer’s real experience begins during the implementation phases of onboarding, because public safety agencies need strong evidence that the systems they’ve purchased will deliver as expected. One of the many reasons Mark 43 delivers as they promise is because of their laser focus on the onboarding process.

One area of specific attention for Mark43 is the project management software they use to engage with customers. The products they tried previously were either insufficient for SaaS implementations, lacked critical customer-facing features, were outdated or just didn’t scale for Mark43’s growth trajectory. This is when Baton entered the fray. 

At first, the Mark43 team was hesitant to try yet another project tool because others had failed or had been mostly abandoned.  However, John Corretti, Mark43’s Head Of Project Management Office, saw that Baton had the features they needed.  So he asked a few team members to test it on a select group of projects. As John told us, “The name of the game for Mark43 is implementing SaaS software,” and pretty soon the word had spread to try Baton. Corretti added, “Fast forward to today and the entire Mark43 project management process revolves around Baton.”


In working with Baton, Mark43 implementation team:

  • Is no longer gathering project data from multiple sources and disparate systems – it’s all in Baton, accessible for gathering analytics and reporting
  • Uses Baton to walk its clients through their project management process, giving the customer the ability to easily communicate project status with just a few clicks; demonstrating how Mark43 customers can engage their own internal team and third-party providers more effectively
  • Is not limited by costly pricing schemes and thus can invite an unlimited number of customers to engage on their projects in Baton
  • Uses Baton to track project budgets and balance team member workload across all its implementation projects, clearly seeing the impact of resource allotment imbalance when it occurs
  • Is now accessing data from its entire project portfolio, leveraging views of business behaviors that were not previously available 


A few bullets on the top benefits of the Baton platform for Mark43:

  • Baton provides Mark43 a framework to showcase their ability to deliver projects efficiently and as promised. For many of Mark43’s government customers, this is a critical point of differentiation 
  • The Mark43 implementation team is far more efficient due to better prioritization of entire projects or individual tasks 
  • Project delays are no longer a mystery – and no longer automatically blamed on the Project Manager; such accuracy helps ensure accountability for all involved
  • The Mark43 team can now better demonstrate to its senior management its effectiveness in managing multiple onboarding projects and show where incremental manpower should legitimately be funded
  • Mark43 uses Baton to forward-predict project resource requirements and thus better prepare for schedule disruptions 
  • The Baton Score provides Mark43 a significant advantage.  For many government agencies a vendor score goes far beyond evaluation of the product itself and is based on the ability of the team to actually get the project done
  • With better insights into where the entire team is performing well and where they needed to change their resource plan, Mark43 made business decisions with greater confidence and accuracy.

🚀 We’re thrilled to announce that Baton has joined forces with ClientSuccess!