Software customers want to be heard. There’s an app for that.

October 10, 2020

Consider what’s happening during an Olympic relay race and how it pertains to your customers’ software implementations. World-class relay runners are doing more than just reaching back for the baton during those critical, high-speed handoffs. They’re also listening. To set and keep their stride, they run looking forward, actively listening for their teammates approaching footsteps, setting and syncing to a unified pace as the baton gets closer and closer.

At Baton, we believe that the most critical time for software providers to actively listen to the customer is during the implementation process. This can be as difficult as the handoffs in the 4 X 100m relay because with mission critical software projects, participants must often move at their best pace, with the added requirement to minimize all things frenetic. 

Just as in the relay, proven methodologies make the difference between a win and a loss. Which is why we introduced the Baton Method as a platform for listening to your customers. And, as in all good communications, it enables all participants to inform, alert and update one another regarding relevant activity.   

Anyone who has ever implemented complex software to solve serious business problems knows it can be daunting. It is a time when the software customer needs to be heard and know they’re being heard. Let’s face it, one of the real challenges in our business is visibility; knowing what project teammates are doing (or not doing). And this gets more frustrating as multiple organizations become involved. 

Baton is a listening tool that promotes for more seamless interactions among all project participants. It runs as both a transmitter and a receiver of relevant project information, built to be “always on” during every phase of the software implementation.  

Now, you could mull this over. Or just set up and manage an implementation project for free. At no risk to you. And Baton doesn’t limit the number of project participants because we believe everyone should have a voice. So, click here to turn it on. And listen up. Your customers want to be heard.