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Baton customers proactively identify at-risk projects with Task Insights

April 27, 2022

Baton’s latest product release, Task Insights, expands project visibility, allowing users to gain valuable insights and identify project risk at both assignee and company levels.

If you’re familiar with the action thriller Minority Report, you’ve likely heard the term pre-crime. In the film, law enforcement officials utilize predictive intel to apprehend criminals pre-crime, or before they have the opportunity to commit a crime. Now, you may be wondering what a Tom Cruise thriller has to do with SaaS implementations and Baton, but the connection can be made when deep diving into Baton’s newest feature – Task Insights. 

Holding true to our commitment to always look for ways to improve, the goal of Task Insights is to provide users the ability to effectively drill into select project tasks in order to proactively address potential bottlenecks, at-risk projects and process issues before they become unmanageable.

Conveniently located on the left-hand panel beneath the Overview tab in Baton, Task Insights offer project managers, clients, and vendor executives a unique project view and “pre-filter” function to narrow down and sort project tasks by: 

  • Due Next – incomplete tasks with quickly approaching due dates
  • Due Last – incomplete tasks with later deadlines that may affect projected due dates
  • Problematic – incomplete tasks beyond 5 days late 
  • Impactful – completed tasks more than 5 days early
  • Stuck – incomplete tasks that are blocked

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With Task Insights, our intent is to make it even easier for Baton users to optimize team performance and ensure every project remains on track and crosses the finish line. Rather than bogging down your search with information that’s irrelevant to the task at hand, these intuitive filters help narrow results to provide a clearer view of project tasks and quickly pinpoint the individuals or organizations where problems are likely to arise. 

An added bonus:

In addition, Task Insights also provides the added capability of viewing project tasks unnested. From this tab, users can now access an organized view of their project tasks that isn’t nested within Baton milestones.