How to Increase Implementation Capacity

September 9, 2022

Astronomically speaking, summer in the northern hemisphere ends at the September equinox. But for the business world, the summer is pretty much over. Hope you had a great one. As end-of-year deals start to close, and implementations increase, your capacity to handle projects will need to as well.

Remember, implementation isn’t just your only chance for a “first impression” with your customer, it’s also the final, and perhaps most important step in closing a software sale. 

We’ve seen the importance of implementation continue to rise as a key part of the software customer’s journey. Conversely, we’ve also seen far too many software providers failing to proactively improve their processes, causing expensive problems like customer dissatisfaction, delayed revenue recognition, and churn.

So, why not use this change of seasons as a starting point to get ahead of the onboarding pipeline and look for innovative ways to improve your implementation process and increase capacity?

Before you get started, be sure to select improvement methods that won’t negatively disrupt your current onboarding queue or require cumbersome process changes and hours of unwelcome tedious training. Oh, there will be changes, they just don’t have to be so disruptive.

What you will want is process improvements that seem 100% native to your product and that help your onboarding team get through their project queue faster and with greater customer satisfaction. Don’t settle on a path forward unless it delivers the following:

  • Enhanced communication methods that encourage accountability from your team and the customer’s
  • The ability to provide prescriptive and unambiguous guidance on the best ways to deliver your product 
  • Expanded visibility into every aspect of the implementation process, yet strong controls to ensure that internal communications are never shared unintentionally
  • Automation that eliminates redundant, manual tasks and allow your top talent to focus on more pressing concerns

We actually have a longer list that you can use for planning purposes to accelerate your implementation process. And Baton periodically hosts private Implementation Evaluation Workshops where we’ll work one-on-one with your team. Click here to sign up for both and get your onboarding team ready to bring on tons of new business this fall.