Trust the process?

February 3, 2023

With the NBA playoffs tipping off, we thought it’d be good timing to look back at the “Trust the Process” mantra made popular by the Philadelphia 76er’s as they launched their 2013/14 season

The Baton team loves the idea of a trusted process. We really do. It’s just that we’re now seeing the phrase get wildly misused and too often in the wrong arenas.  Let me rephrase this in the form of a question asked in genuine South Philly-speak, “What if the process sucks?” 

Game changing question! 

At Baton, we’re fanatical about improving the software implementation process.  And you don’t have to be a street-wise Philly kid to know that some SaaS delivery processes, especially in this game, are anything but trustworthy. Because too many software vendors are still onboarding clients with inferior methods that fail more often than our CEO’s three-point shot. 

There’s a slam dunk choice here. Baton can help any company that’s eager to improve and accelerate its client onboarding, replace time-consuming steps with automation and call obvious technical fouls on obsolete tools that result in project miscommunications, critical task delays, postponed revenue recognition and churn. 

One way to fully trust your own process is to drop a few of your client onboarding projects into Baton (at no charge) and we’ll help you build a reliable and repeatable process that is verified persistently by a secure, historical audit of every project activity. It’s important for your CS teams, clients and partners to have 100% confidence, so they can shout from the rafters with authority, “Trust the Process.” 

Enjoy the playoffs!