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When CS Ops Is Really RevOps

May 24, 2022

CS Ops is RevOps when, without it, the revenue stops. It’s that simple.

We’re not suggesting that CS Ops isn’t its own important technology category. It’s already becoming one of the fastest growing tech “stacks,” as more companies shift focus improving their customer success team. And we certainly appreciate the attention (and adoption) that Baton has received. However, today’s blog post is just a friendly reminder that if you’re lobbying your company’s VPs and CXOs to bring on a better implementation management platform, today might be the day to introduce Baton into the RevOps discussion.

Maybe it’s not enough to tout how Baton helps increase the speed at which you implement your products and services. Perhaps the more impactful message for the RevOps team is to call out this critical reminder:

It might be worth calling this out at the macro level. In today’s B2B software environment, where technical resources are lean and missed task deadlines can somehow add 2+ months to a project, it’s way too easy for these delays to add up fast. And not in a good way.  It’s not hard to imagine such delays happening six times a quarter, especially as project volume grows and onboarding resources get thin. That’s one year of lost ARR. Ouch! 

For anyone who thinks tracking implementation projects is not a RevOps concern, remind them of how often they recall seeing various sales reps “dropping by” (a.k.a. hovering around) the CS department to check on their client’s onboarding status. They do this because it’s the unfinished implementation that’s standing in the way of everyone getting paid. 

We’re guessing you know that there’s a long list of other strong reasons to adopt a purpose-built implementation project management platform (like, you know, Baton), we just thought today’s post might help you gather support from good folks in RevOps at your company.   

Let us know if we can help.

🚀 We’re thrilled to announce that Baton has joined forces with ClientSuccess!