You can now update Baton from Salesforce and Salesforce from Baton

February 28, 2022

Our new two-way integration extends Baton’s market-leading visibility directly into Salesforce

Seeing Salesforce data in your Baton workspace is far from new, but we’ve one-upped this capability by making Baton information available to you in Salesforce. Your company’s execs who are eager to know the status of a client’s implementation can do so without leaving the Salesforce portal.

For reporting, you can also now create custom fields in Salesforce that sync with Baton. And when you create custom fields in Baton, they’ll also sync with Salesforce. Further, we’ve simplified the process to allow Sales, Rev Ops and your Customer Success and Professional Services teams to communicate project status better than ever before.

Chris Henry, Head of Technology, at Baton weighed in, “Integrating Baton with the industry’s leading tools is an ongoing effort. Baton for Salesforce will provide visibility across Sales, RevOps and implementation teams, like never before. Baton considers this a critical milestone for customers that rely on Salesforce to run their business. Expect more like this on the roadmap ahead.”

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