Baton Native-Built Forms – How To Collect Asset Requirements & Documents

December 19, 2023

Baton’s innovative Forms feature is a unique project discovery tool within Baton’s purpose-built implementation management solution – designed to optimize software implementation and customer onboarding by simplifying data collection and collaboration across teams and organizations. 

Forms, an essential native-built component of Baton, enables software implementation teams to efficiently gather documents, asset requirements, administrative details, and client feedback. Unlike other general project management solutions, Baton seamlessly integrates Forms into its framework, unifying project discovery, management, and resource coordination. The native build ensures a cohesive platform, emphasizing security and compliance throughout the project discovery and requirements gathering processes.

Streamlining Asset Collection in Baton

In this video, join Baton’s Head of Product Design, Hasin Ahmed, as he delves into the transformative capabilities of Baton’s Forms feature. Discover how this innovative tool is revolutionizing the landscape of software implementation by significantly enhancing the efficiency and ease of gathering essential asset requirements and documentation. From the initial stages of project kickoff to its completion, we’ll provide valuable insights into how Baton’s Forms seamlessly integrates into the workflow, streamlining the data collection process and fostering collaboration among teams. Uncover the power of Forms in optimizing not only the project initiation phase but also the ongoing documentation needs, ensuring a smoother and more productive project lifecycle.

For more information, check out our full forms product update or head to the Baton Knowledge Base