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Baton Native-Built Forms – How To Share Forms via Public Link

January 10, 2024

Forms, an essential native feature of Baton’s implementation management solution, empowers teams to efficiently gather documents, asset requirements, administrative details, and client feedback. In contrast to more generalized project management solutions, Baton seamlessly integrates Forms into its framework, bringing together project discovery, project management, and resource management to streamline the entire software implementation and client onboarding process.

Sharing Forms via Public Link

In this insightful video, Baton’s Head of Product Design, Hasin Ahmed, delves into the enhanced capabilities of Baton’s native-built forms feature. Whether your goal is to gather crucial asset requirements or solicit valuable feedback from clients, Ahmed demonstrates how Baton now offers a seamless solution for sharing forms with both internal and external stakeholders through public links. 

This noteworthy update extends the reach of Baton’s forms functionality, allowing users to effortlessly collect feedback, documents, and information from recipients who may not possess a Baton account. Moreover, the innovation goes a step further by enabling the collection of anonymous responses, offering a versatile and inclusive approach to streamline data collection processes within Baton’s comprehensive platform.

For more information, check out our full forms product update or head to the Baton Knowledge Base