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Baton + Salesforce – Enhanced Custom Fields

May 20, 2024

Explore the latest updates to Baton’s custom fields feature. This powerful tool allows you to define and implement your own custom fields, providing a more tailored and dynamic approach to project management. By attaching these custom fields to project templates, users can streamline the process of updating project plans, ensuring consistency and precision across all project stages. The ability to manage the merge of fields further empowers users to choose between retaining template values or preserving current project values, offering greater control and flexibility in maintaining data integrity.

Adding Enhanced Functionality to Baton’s Native Two-Way Salesforce Integration

In this comprehensive walkthrough video, we’ll guide you through the practical application of custom fields in your projects. You’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate these fields into your project workflow and manage field merges effectively. By leveraging custom fields and templates, you can enhance your project’s accuracy and adaptability, ultimately leading to more successful and streamlined project outcomes.

To learn more about Baton’s native-built two-way Salesforce integration, check out our full Salesforce integration overview video