Cloud-based TMS, LoadStop, cuts go-live times with Baton

February 3, 2023

“Baton has turned us into a well-oiled machine, able to get customers in and out without sacrificing any deep connections or attention to detail.”

– Alexander Paris, Project Manager, Client Services

Partnering with Baton cut LoadStop’s implementation times in half and improved communication.

As the leading AI-powered enterprise transportation management system (TMS), LoadStop helps carriers automate operational workflows and integrate and analyze data streams.

Business Challenge

Relatively new to managing software implementations, Alexander Paris, LoadStop’s Project Manager of Client Services, was in search of a simple and easy-to-use tool to replace their existing onboarding platform, Totango. With a commitment to driving digitization in the trucking industry, LoadStop sought an implementation solution that could help systematize and enhance their customer experience from end to end. 

“The LoadStop team and user base were growing, but we still didn’t have any reliable onboarding software. Baton wound up being exactly what we needed – something simple that could still organize the different complex customers we have coming in our revolving door.”


After researching several solutions, Alex and the LoadStop team found the “perfect fit” of a platform with Baton – one that was simple and streamlined enough to complement a small, early-stage company, yet flexible and technically powerful enough to support LoadStop through the coming stages of growth and scale.

Working with Baton provides LoadStop: 

Improved visibility & collaboration – Access to all active tickets allows LoadStop to easily track progress across departments and unblock communications on ETAs. 

Better tracking & reporting – Improved project insights allow LoadStop to better understand and distinguish differences in project requirements and timelines.

Standardized timelines & workflows – Streamlined workflows in Baton help solve LoadStop’s “biggest pain point” when detailing next steps for product integrations.


Cut implementation time from 2 months to 4 weeks by centralizing key project information, enabling real-time updates on timelines and simplifying communications.

Reduced customer onboarding related churn to <1% by ensuring a positive customer implementation experience with straightforward two-way data sharing.

Improved client connections by streamlining communication and removing collaboration headaches around manual form completion and status reporting.

“We are a fast-growing company that is disrupting the logistics TMS world. The growth acceleration is exponential and we needed partners that can align with our vision. Baton was a big part of that by accelerating and improving our implementation process into what it really needs to be.”