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Mark43 scales implementations with Baton

February 3, 2023

“For the first time ever, we’re able to pull consolidated metrics from across all of our projects and easily present a unified view for our management to ultimately make better decisions.”

– John Corretti, Head of Project Management

Leading cloud-native public safety software company, Mark43, partners with Baton to scale and optimize implementations.

As a leading cloud-native public safety software company, Mark43 works to ensure critical public safety records are accessible to authorized government agencies. Due to the serious nature of this line of work, Mark43’s customers have zero tolerance for error and require strong evidence that the solutions they purchase will deliver as expected.

Business Challenge

Because lives depend on their software, Mark43 is laser focused on providing a positive implementation experience that ensures all parties on the project remain in lock step every step of the way. As the company faced rapid growth, they sought a scalable implementation solution to optimize workflows, deliver incident-based reporting validations and improve real-time collaboration and engagement with customers.

“Our business was rapidly scaling, yet our ability to pull onboarding health metrics for our customer portfolio wasn’t where we needed it to be.”


After trying multiple solutions that lacked critical customer-facing features and failed to meet Mark43’s implementation needs and growth trajectory, Baton entered the fray and quickly gained popularity amongst the Mark43 team.  

Working with Baton provides Mark43: 

Simplified analytics & reporting – Project data is no longer dispersed amongst siloed sources & disparate systems. It’s all centralized in Baton.

‍Streamlined communication – Baton gives Mark43 customers the ability to easily communicate project status updates with just a few clicks.

No costly pricing schemes – A consumption-based pricing model allows Mark43 to invite an unlimited number of customers to engage with projects in Baton.

Improved bandwidth & budget tracking – Baton allows Mark43 to clearly see the impact of resource allotment imbalance across their entire project portfolio.


Streamlined processes – Improving Mark43’s ability to deliver projects on time due to increased efficiency and better project and task prioritization.

Real-time transparency – Allowing Mark43 to accurately identify the cause of project delays and ensure accountability for all key stakeholders.

Improved forecasting – Empowering Mark43 with the data needed to forward-predict project resource requirements and prepare for schedule disruptions.

The Baton Score advantage – Helping Mark43 improve customer engagement by evaluating the effectiveness of their team and processes.

“The entire Mark43 project management process revolves around Baton.”