Office-tracking solution, Lane, trusts Baton to scale SaaS implementations

February 3, 2023

“My team absolutely loves Baton. We’re streamlining meetings. We now only talk about projects that are at risk or completely off schedule.”

– Becki Kimpton, Director of Implementation

Quickly growing from a staff of three to over 100, with operations in 22+ cities, Lane adopted Baton to establish new, reliable implementation management processes.

As a leading workplace experience platform, Lane helps office building tenants connect to their work life. For Lane’s commercial real estate customers, the experience they deliver is significant. Using Lane’s mobile app, tenants can quickly gain property access, book meetings, and scan into their property’s unique Lane instance to view building events and join their specific work community.

Business Challenge

Due to the nuances and various moving parts in this space, Lane‘s software deployments require focused collaboration. With a quickly growing team and business, Lane needed to establish a scalable and reliable implementation process that could improve client engagement, streamline communication and instill a sense of accountability. 

Prior to Baton, Lane’s onboarding process had a few challenges. Like most B2B SaaS onboarding teams, they understood that the period of time between sign-on and go-live was critical. During their rapid expansion, they learned that the sooner their customers were able to experience their platform’s real value, the more likely they were to expand their software to other office locations, and far less likely to churn. Unfortunately, their existing project management tools and basic Gantt charts failed to effectively engage customers or deliver the responsiveness needed for swift deployments. 


Seeking a client engagement platform that would help Lane’s implementation team communicate and collaborate more effectively, easily build status reports, and track and audit project activity, Lane decided to adopt Baton’s purpose-built implementation project management solution.

Working with Baton provides Lane: 

In-depth project insights – With limited resources and bandwidth industry-wide, Baton helps Lane identify and focus on each project’s most important tasks.

Improved accountability – Baton’s collaboration features, timeframes, expectations, and due dates crush ambiguity and help instill accountability with customers.

Streamlined communication – Automated reminders take busy work off Lane’s plate and continue until remedial actions are recorded.

Increased visibility – Moving away from project management software that wasn’t built for implementations provides levels of visibility Lane has never seen before.


Auditable data trails – When implementation projects are handed from one project team member to another, an auditable trail ensures all activities have been recorded.

Improved reporting & analytics – Baton enables more realizable, data-driven decision-making, allowing Lane to justify process upgrades and areas for improvement.

Scalable processes – As tenants started returning to the office in large numbers, Lane was able to scale its implementation schedule with tools rather than staff.

Customer engagement metrics Aggregated customer engagement data allows Lane to better demonstrate their ability to scale to executives and investors.

“We can pinpoint items. We’re also making meetings far more productive. Because it’s better for us to be out ‘buildering,’ than wasting valuable time in meetings that aren’t productive for anyone.”