Sight Machine selects Baton for efficient & agile implementations

February 3, 2023

“The Baton team has been really fantastic and receptive to ideas. When you say you’re going to deliver something new, you actually follow through.”

– May Son, Customer Engagement Manager

Manufacturing data platform, Sight Machine, chooses Baton’s implementation management solution to create a standardized implementation & onboarding structure that can still flex with individual client needs.

Deeply rooted in the world’s largest industry sector, Sight Machine develops innovative technologies to solve real production problems and accelerate data-driven transformation in manufacturing. Their streaming manufacturing data platform converts unstructured plant data into a standardized data foundation, continuously analyzing all plant assets, data sources and processes from machine-to-enterprise level. Using machine learning, AI and other advanced data technologies, Sight Machine helps manufacturers turn actionable insights into enhanced production outcomes more rapidly than ever.

Business Challenge

Due to the complex nature of integrating technology and acquiring and modeling data with various types of manufacturing plants (that each have their own unique processes and protocols in place), Sight Machine’s implementations are highly collaborative, have numerous touch points and are often tailored to each individual client. As a result, Sight Machine needed a purpose-built implementation management solution that could help them create repeatable workflows that could also be customized to an individual client’s unique needs.

“Because some parts of project and client management can feel like trying to color code a confetti bomb, we wanted to create a good template for like projects that we perform with clients. We needed to put a process in place for every project that could act as a checklist of the steps we must follow and keep track of all the little tiny details.”


After evaluating other more generalized project management solutions, Sight Machine chose to adopt Baton’s Implementation Management Software to establish an efficient and standardized client onboarding process. Since using Baton, Sight Machine has been able to create effective project templates that can be easily tailored depending on their specific workflows and timelines. Baton has also improved visibility while centralizing important project information to improve collaboration, ensure team alignment, and provide valuable analytics and reporting for all key stakeholders

Working with Baton provides Sight Machine: 

Auditable project history – A documented and chronological stream of project activity helps facilitate cleaner handoffs from one project manager to another.

Task attachments – The ability to attach key documents to each project tasks helps Baton act as a one-stop shop to view everything associated with a specific deliverable.

Proactive status updates – Color-coded status updates allow the Sight Machine team to easily monitor progress and prioritize at-risk or late tasks and timeline shifts.

“The flexibility to quickly move things around with project templates in Baton is nice. When we have project dependencies set up, timeline changes are easy because Baton will auto calculate new due dates. It’s also easy to add or take away a task or rewrite a portion of the task so that it fits a particular client better.”


Centralized project information, including a Gantt project view, help increase transparency, allowing each manager to easily monitor project status.

Standardized workflows allow Sight Machine to create an efficient and repeatable step-by-step process for their team to follow to help ensure project quality.

Customizable project templates give Sight Machine the flexibility needed to adapt and reorder project tasks and deadlines to meet unique client needs.

“When I’ve inherited another manager’s project, it’s helpful to view a history of what’s been completed and understand the current state of the project in Baton. It’s a nice checklist to go through when transitioning active projects over.”