Baton’s Latest Update Revolutionizes Time Management: Introducing Enhanced Time Entries & Filters

January 30, 2024

Ready to take your time management skills to the next level? Baton has just rolled out a game-changing update that introduces enhanced time tracking features, designed to streamline your workflow and provide you with unparalleled control over your time entries. Say hello to the all-new Time Entries page, nestled conveniently within the Resources tab in your workspace’s main navigation.

Effortless Time Tracking with New Time Entries

Managing your time has never been this easy! Baton’s Time Entries functionality offers a user-friendly experience that puts the power of time management at your fingertips. Now located in the Resources tab, this centralized hub allows you to effortlessly add new time entries, as well as edit or delete existing ones—all in one place. No more navigating through multiple menus or tabs; the streamlined design ensures a seamless experience for users at all levels.

Independent Time Entries for Maximum Flexibility

Sometimes, your work involves tasks that aren’t directly tied to a specific project. Enter Independent Time Entries, a feature designed to provide you with the flexibility you need. Now, you can effortlessly track time for activities that fall outside the scope of traditional project-related tasks. This unique capability allows you to tag your time entries, enabling you to stay organized and gain valuable insights into your non-project related work. Baton understands that your workflow is diverse, and Independent Time Entries are here to accommodate that diversity.

Stay Organized with Time Entry Filters

Baton goes a step further in empowering users with the introduction of Time Entry Filters. Take control of your time entries like never before by organizing and refining them with a variety of sorting and filtering options. Whether you want to review entries by Date, Project Status, Project, Client Company, Team Member, Department, or Created Date, Baton’s Time Entry Filters provide you with a customized experience tailored to your specific needs. No more sifting through endless lists; efficiently locate and manage your time entries with just a few clicks.

Tailored Sorting & Filtering Options

Dive into the details with Baton’s unique sorting and filtering options. Need to review your recent entries? Sort by Created Date. Want to focus on a specific project or client? Filter by Project or Client Company. With Baton’s comprehensive sorting and filtering capabilities, you have the freedom to tailor your time management experience based on your unique requirements. The power is in your hands.

Enhanced Insights for Informed Decision-Making

By combining Independent Time Entries and Time Entry Filters, Baton empowers you to gain deeper insights into your time management. Understand how you allocate your time across projects, teams, and departments. Identify patterns, optimize your workflow, and make informed decisions that drive productivity. Baton is not just a time tracking tool; it’s your strategic partner in achieving efficiency and success.

Efficiency Redefined

Baton’s enhanced time tracking features are not just about tracking hours; they’re about redefining efficiency. The Time Entries page, Independent Time Entries, and Time Entry Filters work seamlessly together to provide you with a comprehensive time management solution. From freelancers managing multiple projects to large teams collaborating on intricate tasks, Baton caters to diverse needs and ensures that time tracking is an asset, not a chore.

Upgrade Your Time Management Experience Today

Ready to revolutionize the way you manage your time? Baton’s latest update brings a host of features that cater to the dynamic nature of modern work. The Time Entries page, Independent Time Entries, and Time Entry Filters offer a user-friendly, flexible, and efficient time tracking experience. Take charge of your time, stay organized, and make informed decisions with Baton’s enhanced time management capabilities. Upgrade today and experience a new era of productivity! Schedule a demo to learn more.

Enhanced Visibility Into Project Status & Risk

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