Baton Introduces Enhanced Board View

August 2, 2023

Baton introduced an enhanced Board View to give customers greater visibility into project status on a portfolio basis. 

What is Board View

Board View, or Kanban board, is a workflow visualization tool that lays projects out horizontally by a user-specified grouping. This allows you to easily visualize all software implementation projects and quickly identify bottlenecks

Each project is represented as a card. Each card displays the client, project name, contract value, and due date. In Baton, hovering over a card gives you the option to open a quick view of each project. This will display high-level details of the project like milestone progress, dates, and attachments. 

The key component of the board view is the ability to group projects in columns. The default setting groups your client onboarding projects by phase. Laying projects out by phase lets you know exactly the stage and work to be done for each project. 

Having a standardized (and templatized) project plan makes this a powerful tool for identifying project phases and milestones that create bottlenecks. Projects will automatically move along this view as they progress. 

You are also able to group projects by variables like project lead, due date, risk, and more.

What Are the Benefits

Board view enables a deeper level of visibility for project managers and stakeholders right when they log in. Visualizing projects this way can provide a snapshot of project status across all implementation and onboarding projects. 

The enhanced functionality of Baton’s board view lets each user personalize their default view upon logging in to Baton. Advanced filters can drill down into projects by parameters like project lead, client, template, and any custom fields that are active in your workspace.

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