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Enhanced Ease and Security with Baton Single Sign-On

July 24, 2023

Baton customers are now able to log in to their workspace utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO is an addition to the suite of security and trust features available in Baton that enable teams to confidently and safely store and manage implementation data in a single source. 

What is Single Sign-On 

SSO is a centralized authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications or systems with one set of login credentials. With SSO enabled in Baton, customers can log in once through their SSO provider without the need to reauthenticate when visiting their Baton workspace. 

Baton can connect with major SSO providers including Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspaces / GSuite. 

Why is SSO important 

Single Sign-On has a long list of benefits, especially for enterprises with a large number of internal users and systems. 

1. Improved UX: Baton customers who leverage SSO only need to log in once through their SSO provider to access Baton and other SSO-enabled systems. This reduces the hassle of remembering multiple sets of login credentials for all of your enterprise applications. 

2. Improved Security and Compliance: SSO provides centralized authentication, which allows Baton customers to better control and monitor user access. This reduces the chances of unauthorized user access.

3. Reduced Friction, Improved Productivity: Much like Baton itself, SSO automates administrative tasks so you can focus on your customers. SSO simplifies identity management by automating password updates across multiple systems. It also enables quicker access to Baton and cuts down on the administrative costs of user management. 

Security and Compliance with Baton 

Baton works with a long list of customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare, fintech, and others. Security and compliance are top of mind for you, which means they are top of mind for Baton. 

SSO is an addition to an already well-built-out list of security and compliance features in Baton. Your team can confidently and securely carry out implementation and customer onboarding projects. 

Security is built into the fabric of Baton’s products, infrastructure, and processes so you can rest assured your data is safeguarded. More can be found in the Baton Trust Center

Start a free trial today to get a live look at SSO and the full suite of implementation and customer onboarding management features available in Baton.

🚀 We’re thrilled to announce that Baton has joined forces with ClientSuccess!