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New Baton + Zapier Integration Connects Implementation & Onboarding Solution With Leading Tools

June 12, 2023

New Zapier integration lets you easily connect Baton’s implementation management solution to tools like Hubspot, Zendesk, and thousands more!

As the SaaS industry grows, B2B organizations have expanded the number of technology solutions their teams rely on daily. As tech stacks continue to expand, the need to integrate and sync data across various tools has never been higher.

In the software implementation space, communicating information between multiple platforms is a necessity as deals are handed off from Sales teams to Implementation, Customer Success, and Professional Service teams. For this reason, Baton places great emphasis on ensuring our solution can effectively integrate with the tools your teams rely on daily. Because we understand the struggle of feeling like a newly signed deal or newly implemented client was “thrown over the fence” when handed off.

Baton Announces New Zapier Integration

Staying true to our commitment to ensuring Baton remains a single source of truth for key stakeholders, we’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Zapier. Adding this integration to Baton’s growing catalog of native integrations, the Baton + Zapier integration will allow you to easily sync Baton with thousands of additional applications.

How does the Baton + Zapier integration work?

As a leader in the no-code workflow automation space, Zapier helps businesses create efficient workflows to move data across 5,000+ apps. The tool automates tasks between software applications and allows Baton to easily sync information with tools like Hubspot, Slack, Harvest, and many more.

With Zapier, teams can build integrations known as ‘zaps’ with thousands of apps that automatically trigger one or more subsequent actions. For example, when a deal closes and its stage is updated in Hubspot, Zapier then triggers Baton to automatically create a new project.

Similarly, if a project’s status is updated in Baton, Zapier can trigger Slack to send a direct message or post to a designated Slack #channel to ensure key stakeholders remain up-to-date.

For a complete list of our existing Zapier workflow templates, head over to the official Baton Zapier page.