Project Baseline for Software Implementations

July 19, 2023

Project timelines almost always change throughout the life of an implementation. A project baseline is a snapshot of your project timeline that you can use as a reference point to measure performance and progress, as well as a project’s overall health.

Visualize Project Baseline In Baton

Baton’s latest feature release gives customers a snapshot of their original project timeline as a reference point to monitor the health and progress of a project. 

As a project progresses in Baton, baseline provides real-time visual feedback if there are deviations. Once your baseline is established, you’ll notice a slight shadow for each task on the timeline view. This shadow indicates the snapshot of each task as part of the baseline.

As your project dates shift, you’ll see the actual task icons move, but their “shadows” remain to easily visualize the planned vs. actual project schedule.

Why An Implementation Project Baseline Matters

A project baseline is a reference point to monitor progress and health over time. It’s a measure of expectation versus reality. Baton customers leverage it for real-time feedback, and to make adjustments to implementation project plans as they unfold.

Customer onboarding is collaborative by nature. The better aligned the project team is on expectations, the better chance you have at a successful implementation. Documentation is critical. Real-time analytics add accountability to alignment. These adjustments have a significant impact on decreasing time-to-launch.

Project timelines change. If you onboard enough customers, there are going to be hangups. The trick isn’t to lose sleep over every project delay, it’s to identify trends in your implementation process so you can get a little bit better everyday.

Implementation Process Improvement

Static spreadsheets and legacy project management tools nail the “expectation” part of an implementation project plan. We get project plans everyday that look good before kickoff.

When reality sets in and tasks with dependencies are overdue, a static project plan starts to bottleneck. Project Baseline adds to a list of features in Baton that give you a complete audit trail of every project. 

The first step on the Baton implementation track is standardization. A standard process is easier to measure and easier to improve. With real-time visibility, you don’t have to pore over a spreadsheet to find at-risk or delayed tasks.

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