Accelerating Implementation & Onboarding | Baton Webinar

Baton Co-founder, Peter McCoy, has some fun with the Customer Success Collective’s 2021 October Festival. Tune in as he takes the stage to deep dive into the ways today’s top SaaS leaders are accelerating implementation & onboarding.

If we don’t get our SaaS product live, we don’t get paid.

Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown

During this implementation-focused session, we’ll explore:

  1. How new technologies are revolutionizing this critical phase of the customer journey
  2. Strategies for improving communication, transparency, and information sharing for all key parties involved in this complex process
  3. Tips for scaling your implementation org and processes to keep pace with business growth (without just adding headcount)
  4. Innovative ways to measure and positively impact time-to-value

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