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Maximizing Time-to-Value: Strategies for Accelerating Business Growth

Recently, Baton was thrilled to partner with the RevOps Co-op to bring together SaaS industry leaders to discuss one of the most crucial elements in achieving business success: Time-to-Value (TTV). In this session, Baton’s Head of Product, Michael Carroll, joins RevOps Co-op Founder and CEO, Matthew Volm, to discuss implementation and onboarding tips and explore strategies and best practices to help you speed up your time to value and drive business growth.

Check out the full webinar discussion to:
🤔 Gain an understanding of the concept of TTV and its significance in achieving business success
🎯 Learn how customer onboarding and ‘Time-to-Launch’ impact TTV
💨 Discover tips to streamline customer onboarding processes
➕ And much more!

Interested in more implementation and onboarding tips?

Implementation Metrics | Time to Value vs Time to Launch E-Book

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