Webinar: Asset Readiness + Project Success

What is Project Discovery, and how does it impact a software buyer’s overall customer journey?

If mismanaged, how can asset and document collection potentially derail the entire implementation process?

Experience Baton’s approach to Project Discovery and Asset Management firsthand. Get industry-leading perspectives on seamless asset management and project discovery solutions, showcasing how to ensure on-time project launch 100% of the time.


Part 1: An Analysis of Project Discovery

Part 2: Optimizing Asset Management

Part 3: How Industry Leaders Manage Assets

Gain a better understanding of the Project Discovery phase of the software buyer’s journey, highlighting key objectives for project success.

Explore the successes and challenges of asset collection, shaping the trajectory of your project discovery phase and influencing the ultimate success of your implementation journey.

Discover how industry leaders leverage Baton to seamlessly manage asset collection during project discovery, guaranteeing on-time project kick-offs.


Hasin I. Ahmed

Head Of Product + Design @Baton

- Managed software implementation projects for Fortune 500 clients with $500K+ contract value.

- Trained economist who loves to focus on the outliers in a dataset.

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