Dynamic Template Selection Strengthens Baton’s Zapier Integration

September 7, 2023

The Baton-Zapier connection is even stronger with a new capability to auto-select templates based on custom fields.

What’s New With Baton’s Zapier Integration

Baton created its Zapier integration to ease handoffs between teams and to automate manual dual-entry tasks. Teams use Zapier to connect to other business-critical apps like Hubspot, Slack, and Zendesk–with the option to connect to hundreds more apps.

This post will specifically go over the use case of automatically creating projects based on a trigger from your CRM.

The primary use-case for Baton’s Zapier integration is to make the connection between any CRM and Baton. That means teams of all sizes, whether a Google Sheet is still their CRM of choice or they have an advanced Hubspot setup, can utilize Baton’s project automation capabilities in conjunction with their CRM.

With the added template selection functionality, Baton customers automate template selection when a new opportunity is moved to an implementation phase in their CRM. Once an opportunity meets Baton project creation criteria in your CRM, the connection will automatically create a project in Baton with an associated template based on field data.

Why This is Important for Software Implementation Teams

Dynamic Template Selection adds to a long list of Baton features designed to save your team’s time spent on manual tasks. With this added layer of customization, the handoff between sales and implementation is more seamless. This functionality helps scaling implementation teams keep up as their product offering grows and iterates.

Industry-leading teams leverage Baton’s Zapier integration to customize data exchange, automatically, between apps. This radically improves communication between all project stakeholders, and replaces tedious manual steps and dual entry.

The integration with Zapier is plug-and-play so any member of your team with admin access to both platforms can seamlessly connect any app with Baton.

The Details

Dynamic Template Selection is an if-then statement applied to a custom field associated with an object in your CRM.

When you set up your CRM-to-Baton integration using Zapier, you’ll first select each app from the Zapier menu. You’ll then select a trigger based on data from your CRM. In the hubspot example below, a deal moving to stage “Closed Won” will act as the trigger.

This will automatically pull in all needed information attached to the deal like deal title and amount, and will also give you the option to retrieve any custom data you’d like. For dynamic template selection to work, you must pull in the field that contains the template name (or information you’ll use to select a template). 

From there, you’ll connect your Baton workspace via an API key generated in workspace management. After your workspace is connected, you’ll select Create Project as the action. You’ll then be prompted to map Deal fields with fields in Baton. When you get to “Template” on the mapping section, select “Or add a search step.”

Based on criteria you define, this step will allow you to dynamically select a project template based on a field value. 

With Zapier, you can create a bi-directional sync with Baton and almost any app you use to get work done. This unlocks a high level of visibility for your team ensuring every member is on the same page. With dynamic selection and the filtering available in Zapier, the connection is even more flexible and seamless. 

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